We take pride is getting to know our clients and candidates, satisfying their requirements while establishing a long term relationship.

But don't take our word for it!

Here's what other people are saying about Infinity Search:


“We have been working with Bruce and Infinity since I founded the company in December ’03. In the past two years he has delivered over two-thirds of the employees that we hired via recruiters. No other recruiter found more than one employee for us. Bruce was the only recruiter who invested to really learn our needs and truly understand our company—and it shows in the candidates that he’s brought us. We’ve worked with over 15 other technical recruiters in the past two years and Infinity is the only one that I could recommend at all; with Bruce, he has my unqualified recommendation.”
   Steve Lewis, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
   New Enterprise Associates and Sevin Rosen Funded Company

“I have known Bruce Filsuf for over a decade in working with him as a candidate and hiring manager. I have had some very difficult technical requirements that only someone with Bruce's history and expertise could have made the connection. Thanks!

Having worked with countless recruiters over the years, I can say that none can even begin to compare to Infinity Search!”
   M. Milani, President and CEO, Chief Technology Officer
   A Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Funded Company

It has been a great experience working with Infinity Search. Being under time pressure, Ben Filsoof worked dedicatedly with us to identify and qualify candidates for our engineering team. I am looking forward to working with him for the next round of hiring.

   PJ, Chief Technology Officer
   Stealth-mode Startup

“At the very early stage of our company, we retained Infinity Search to assist us with the key hires at the executive and technical positions ensuring our success. They take the time up front to determine what I really want, and then spend the time to refine needs as necessary. They have an outstanding methodology, process, and seasoned recruiting experience for delivering the most qualified people. When you want results in start-up project staffing, these are the people to call!"

I highly recommend Infinity Search: they get the job done!"
   A. Nazari, Chief Executive Officer

   Stealth-mode Startup

"Bruce and his team have always delivered the most qualified candidates for the hardest-to-fill positions over the years. Their ability to source, screen, and qualify the right candidates from all over the country means timely hires with a lot less overhead and wasted motion for us."
   C. Liu, Past Vice President of Engineering at Northstar, Ariba, BEA
    Systems and Netscape Communications

“I have worked with Bruce for over 15 years and I keep coming back to work with him because he consistently provides high quality competent candidates that meet my needs and specifications.”
   Mark Himelstein, Vice President Engineering
   Sequoia Capital Funded Company

Bruce and his team never fail to deliver the very best candidates who not only match the job description but also the spirit of our company.
   C. Eppstein, User Interface Manager
   New Enterprise Associates Funded Company


“I appreciate all the effort you have put in and would like to thank you for the same. My experience in dealing with you has been far superior to that I have had with other recruiting firms.”
   K. Surlaker, Database Architect

"The team at Infinity Search worked with me to help me find a job that matched my interests, not just my skills. They provided information and insight into the prospective companies. After I accepted a position, they kept in contact to help me make the best of my new role. I would work with him again, and have given his contact information to friends and coworkers."
   R. Fischer, Sr. Graphical User Interface Engineer

I have found that Infinity Search Team has been very professional, courteous, and prompt. I would come back again when the situation arises.
   L. Fu, Director of Program Management

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I can already tell that my new job and company is a great match for me. Thanks again for all your help,
   R. Miyashiro, Software Engineer

Things are well at my new job. Infinity Search placed me in a great position and they were extremely throughout the process.
   S. Daryanani, Director of Product Management

Infinity Search has helped me find my first job out of college. The job was a good match for someone like me because it is an environment where I can grow my skills and meet new people.
   Y. Ma, Software Engineer

"I am a software engineer with 8+ years of experience in building Enterprise Software products. I have been working in Bay Area for last 5 years. My last encounter with a recruiter was in the boom days of 1999. It’s been a totally different experience working with a Bruce Filsuf from Infinity Search in 2005. I know times have changed, but the need for seasoned professionals like Bruce has never been more. Bruce did a wonderful job of understanding my job and career expectations and presented me with a wide choice of opportunities. The whole process was smooth sailing and he matched my goals very well with what my employer was looking for. It’s been 4 months at my new job and I am extremely happy with it.
During this whole process, Bruce provided me with valuable advice and helped shape my decision in picking the right company from multiple offers that I had. I would highly recommend Bruce Filsuf and Infinity Search. They know their business and are extremely professional."
   B. Hira, Sr. Software Engineer

"Infinity Search introduced me to a great opportunity to join an organization aligned with my career goals. They worked with me every step of the way to ensure that the process was smooth and speedy. This was my first experience with a search firm, and I'm very pleased with the results." Thanks for checking in!
   K. Sakura, Software Engineer

“Bruce helped me find a position which is a very good match to my background. I found his approach extremely professional and at the same time quite personal. He takes time to get to know the person and understand what he or she is looking for. He seems to have a very good understanding of the job market in the valley. It was one of the best job searching experiences I've had.”
   H. Yadava, Sr. Software Engineer

"As a long-time software engineer, I’ve worked with dozens of job recruiters in the past. I have to say that Jeff and his colleague at the Infinity Search are head and shoulders above the others. The level of people skills and technical knowledge, their response time and friendliness are superb. It's a pleasure to work with such professionals."
   F. Lin, Enterprise Architect

"Infintiy Search got me a great job! The whole process was extremely professional and now I'm in a new job that I love. I would definitally recommend and go back to Infinity!"
   J. Ordonez

" Infinity Search, Inc. is the best recruiting firm which I've ever worked with. Bruce and his large network of connections combined with his deep knowledge of the industry resulted in a best matching position with my requirements and background. I would highly recommend Infinity Search and really would like to work with them again."
   M. Kagawa

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